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Cannabis Symposium Press Release

Guest speaker
Guest speaker

Butler & Davis Consulting LLC is pleased to announce that on June 6, 2020 our Lead Consultant, Ebony Davis will speak on the Cannabis Reform as a Social Justice Issue panel at Uplift Cannabis Diversity Symposium. The mission of The Uplift Cannabis Diversity Symposium (UCDS) is to assist professionals and entrepreneurs in transferring their skills into the cannabis industry, no matter their race, age, gender, or background.

 Ms. Davis is excited to discuss the various pathways the cannabis industry provides in supporting and promoting racial healing in the black community. Her experience working with the Maryland’s Office of the Public Defender, the Nickerson Gardens Housing Projects in South Los Angeles, and serving in various communities in the greater Washington, DC area provides her with a unique perspective of the War on Drugs impact on the black community.

 “The cannabis industry provides an exceptional opportunity for correcting some of the systemic injustices against the black community. The opportunity is limitless, at every level – social, economic, political – there is potential for reparations.”  

Ms. Davis’ expertise specifically lies in examining the intersection of policy and people. She uses the culmination of her professional and personal experiences to help organizations create sustainable programs. 

Butler & Davis Consulting provides various services geared towards the cannabis industry. These include:

●      Developing corporate social philanthropy programs

●      Providing training and technical assistance on cultural humility, diversity and inclusion, leadership and other organizational development issues

●      Management consulting

 Visit our website to learn more about our services. Click here for tickets to the Uplift Cannabis Diversity Symposium.