Clinical Management Consulting

Clinical supervision plays a critical role in supporting practitioners in developing their own unique professional style.  Here at Butler & Davis, we recognize that social work is inherently stressful and challenging profession, that requires balance of personal morals and professional ethics. Finding this balance can be difficult without guidance, mentorship and  without professional clarity  That is why, we help all licensure levels develop a trauma-informed theoretical framework to enhance professional decision making, develop an inclusive and advocacy mindset and promote personal wellness.  

Services We Provide

Clinical Social Work Supervision

What Does Our Supervision Services Help With:
  • Developing a working understanding of the NASW Code of Ethics
  • Developing a trauma-informed theoretical framework to inform client interaction, and organizational policies and pursue social justice
  • Solving complex social work issues  utilizing a trauma-informed theoretical framework 
  • Increasing emotional intelligence and self-awareness through developing one’s own unique personal character strengths
  • Understanding and pursuing becoming a racial ally
  • Setting professional boundaries and professional record-keeping
Supervision for Mid-Managers

Middle managers are the backbone of organizations. They are responsible for communicating goals from executives and leading the implementation of tasks.  Essentially, middle managers connect the overall organizational strategy and collaborate across functions to get work done. Clinical supervisors have an extra layer of responsibility in maintaining consumer care and managing vicarious trauma risk to their staff. Our middle-manager supervision services are for licensed clinical social workers who need extra support in their new leadership roles. Supervision topics include managing up and managing down; clinical supervision boundaries, and cultural differences in supervision.

Clinical Education and Training

A competent and confident social worker has training that prepares them to solve future challenges. We provide the following clinical education workshops.


  • Suicide Assessment and Awareness
  • Warning signs of sex trafficking
  • Mandatory reporting 
  • Warning signs of child abuse and maltreatment 
  • Clinical documentation and note taking 
  • Psychosocial assessments


Organizational Training Packages

Training cost varies depending upon the size of the organizations and the number of ASWB CE credit being offered.  Schedule a free case consultation learn more. 

Please be advised that Butler & Davis’ Resiliency Institute is only allowed to provide CE credit for in-person and synchronous training. Consultation and other services offered by us are not applicable for CE credit.  

Read our Training Handbook Here

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