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Thank you for visiting our website. It is our greatest pleasure to be of service to you and your organization in creating more equitably and healthy workplaces. We are in a time unlike any other – a global pandemic has exacerbated many social and economic disparities, cultural divides are deepening around privilege and white supremacy, and the risk for physical and mental exhaustion is at an all-time high for workers. Altogether, this creates a perfect storm of miscommunication, isolation, and interpersonal conflicts that get in the way of getting business done.


Therefore, there is no better time than now for companies and organizations to assess and address health and equity issues in the workplace.


While many may think the workplace is not the place for politics or discussing one’s personal beliefs and values, it is the primary place where adults voluntarily engage in intercultural and goal-focused interactions. Thus, it is critical to dismantle systematic racism and cultivate positive interpersonal skills and social change. Leaders in all sectors – government, healthcare, education, and technology are in exceptionally powerful positions to facilitate opportunities and an environment where everyone can live the American Dream.

Our top three goals by 2030 is to:

  1. Train the entire United States Senate and Congress on trauma and how to incorporate evidence-based practices into policy, procedures, and programming.

  2. Train at least 500,000 African American first-generation college students on Shared Trauma to promote positivity and encourage a resilient mindset.

  3. Create a Workforce Development Training Center for public benefits recipients and/or returning citizens that provides industry-specific job training and holistic wrap-around supportive services such as housing, life skills training, budgeting, etc.

Yours Truly,

Ebony L. Davis

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