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Working While Black

Protecting Your Mental Health While Black in the Workplace is a training series that prepares black professionals with the interpersonal skills to navigate racism in the workplace, advocate against discrimination and lean into professional opportunities. This training aims to enhance the resiliency and leadership skills of black professionals so they can have improved professional and personal satisfaction.

​Our workshop is designed to assist participants who are:

  • Experiencing difficulties actualizing their goals due to an “archaic unconscious workplace”
  • Looking to overcome imposture syndrome and develop their unique professional style

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Protecting Your Mental Health While Black in the Workplace 

Women in the Workplace

 The Inner Goddess Boot Camp is a 5 week psychoeducational program designed to help women tap into their feminine energy. This training series is based upon five concepts: forgiveness, intimacy, vulnerability, relationships/boundaries, and self-love/courage. The ultimate goal is to teach women the skills to build resilience against stress and trauma and a positive mindset to move from surviving to thriving.

The program is designed to be a collaborative process between the facilitator and group members, with the purpose of helping women reach their full potential. The Inner Goddess Bootcamp training is a psychoeducational workshop and is not a substitute for therapy.

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