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Providing opportunities for social workers and public administrators to enhance their leadership skills, develop a trauma-informed mindset and teach the next generation of change agents resiliency and innovative problem-solving.

 Our training curriculum aims to enhance staff’s knowledge, skills and attitudes; so they can build resilient organizations from the inside out. This is done first through destigmatizing trauma, of all kinds. And rather than pathologize responses, recognize they are adaptive behaviors that can be influenced to protect against the secondary trauma of staff and the re-traumatization of the community. Secondly, we aim to prevent future adverse childhood experiences by promoting a family-friendly workplace and teaching participants how to identify and engage community stakeholders.

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Although, we can customize all services and training to meet your organization’s needs, we offer multiple standardized curriculums, visit our to training catalog to learn more.

Professional Development

We offer three packages to organizations. Please note that continuing education credits will be distributed in the same manner as if an individual has registered for a training. The difference between organizational packages and individual packages is pricing.  Contact us to learn more.

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