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Three Tips for Supporting Staff During Back to School

As we approach the beginning of the school year, employees’ attention may be divided between ensuring their children have a solid start to the school year and closing out last minute projects before the fiscal year ends. Leaders must understand the pull on their employees this time of year. Here are three tips for supporting your employees during the beginning of the school year.

  1. Flexibility: although the government has started to open backup facilities, adults and children are still being infected with COVID-19. Schools are especially susceptible to breakouts, so be prepared to have employees’ schedules change at the drop of a dime. Create plans with staff about their essential functions. And detail expectations for communication when their schedules change. 
  2. Accommodate: Offer your employees accommodations and document the accommodations and how they are supposed to support your employee. Also, be clear as a leader are your expectations from your staff when making certain accommodations. No one likes to be blindsided.  
  3. Offer opportunities to build community within your organization. Many parents will face the same struggle, so offer opportunities where employees can support each other in their work. This can look like providing training for better efficiency or offering on-site employee assistance services. 

Overall, schools operate on their own schedule and each community faces unique challenges, so be a leader that creates a space for work-life balance. By being flexible and transparent about goals, outcomes and strategy.