Butler & Davis Consulting LLC

We are Now Offering Support Groups

We excited to announce that we are now offering support groups. We understand that sometimes people, just want to be around other like-minded people for encouragement, support, and community. So all of our groups are open and will have a psycheducational component to them. We are excited about this opportunity to work directly with the community. At this time we are not accepting insurance; however, we do offer a sliding scale fee for those who are having financial difficulty. Due to the pandemic all of our groups are offered online.

Inner Goddess Weekly support Group

Start Date: August 4, 2020

Tuesday: 5:00 pm until 6:30 pm

Inner Goddess Support Group is a weekly support group for women who want heal and grow. This group is based upon Ebony Davis’ meditation guide Color Me to Discovery: A Coloring Book for Self-Reflection and Relaxation. Participants will be provided weekly self -reflection exercises, a mediation guide. The goal of this group is to provide to encourage, support, and uplift women to be their authentic and genuine selves. Utilizing trauma-informed and expressive arts techniques we walk women through five themes to include: self-love, vulnerability, relationships, forgiveness and intimacy, so they can step into their divine selves.


Productive Single Parent’s Club

Starting: August 3, 2020

Every Mondays: 1:00 pm until 2:30 pm

The Productive Single Parent’s Club is a psychoeducational support group that offers personal, professional, and parenting support to single parents that want it all. Group topics include age appropriate discipline, parent-child interaction, goal setting, time management, self-care and much more. The main purpose of this club is to make it easier for professional single parents to get more things done


Self-Care for Social Workers

Starting August 5, 2020

Every Wednesday: 11:00 am until 12:30 pm

Self-Care for Social Workers is an open self-care and mindfulness group. The goal of this weekly group is to provide opportunities for social workers to learn about their triggers, biases, and own traumas so they can be better practitioners. The group facilitator will teach mindfulness techniques, stress reduction techniques, work-life balance principles and meditation exercises.

Self Care for Black Law Enforcement

Starting August 5, 2020

Every Wednesday: 3:00 pm until 4:30 pm

This is an open self-care group for black law enforcement. Black law enforcement officers are in a unique and impactful position to serve as community gardeners and bridges to communities that historically have broken relationships with the police. We recognize that while this is a great honor it is also a great stressor. This group provides an opportunity for officers to learn about trauma and its impacts on wellness, self-care techniques, mindfulness techniques and more importantly it provides opportunity for comradery.